Amazon-branded Cargo Plane

Amazon recently unveiled its first ever Amazon-branded cargo plane and it’s pretty cool. The Amazon One is one of forty air cargo planes the world’s biggest online retailer (Obviously Amazon) agreed to lease to ensure smooth running of its Prime services. Prime is a premium delivery service which allows the user to get the ordered product within a day.

Amazon earlier said that it was all set to take on the big courier delivery service giants like FedEx, DHL etc. by flying its own cargo planes. Amazon has contracted with multiple air cargo outfits to operate the aircraft, including this Boeing 767 Amazon Prime Air Jetliner. Along with guaranteeing free delivery time frames it will also help as free advertising, with Amazon logo printed right underneath its Prime Air Jetliner.

These planes are meant for speedy delivery, but it is just one part of the puzzle of labyrinthine logistics network.  For a product to get delivered on customer’s doorstep, Amazon has invested heavily in infrastructure, building a network of more than 125 fulfillment centers and 20 screening centers, employing numerous warehouse workers and even robots to keep the orders flowing. Apart from these cargoes, they have also managed to buy their own branded trucks.

All of this spending by Amazon on infrastructure and other strategic logistics has helped them to maintain continued dominance over retail industry. Amazon has managed to deliver consistent profits for its investors, and these investors have made Amazon the fourth-most valuable company in the world by market capitalization. It is said that they are worth more than blue-chip giants. It is noted that Amazon has focused primarily on growth over profits. This trade-off has paid off enough that Amazon enjoy both, immense growth with substantial profits.

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