Apple and Sony will fight for your attention on September 7

On Sep 7 during 10 AM, Tim Cook will walk on stage and start a many expected tech press discussion of a year — a introduction of a new iPhone. In New York, two hours later and right around the time Apple ’s conference ends, Sony will also present most-awaiting PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’. These two companies will be fighting for your attention in a sort of press conference face-off.

One might think, Playstation Fanboys don’t care about a iPhone launch, and same case with Apple Fanboys that they don’t care Playstation 4 “Neo”. But this does not happen in reality, both the companies are known for their performance and uniqueness.

Apple has arguably perfected the product unveiling press conference over the past twenty years. Since then, tech companies have reproduced the same pattern — they struggle for the spotlight.

Sony could have disclosed the PlayStation 4 Neo at E3 in June, or during the Gamescom last week. But the company chose to do its own mega-event in New York three months later in the big PlayStation theater in Times Square.

The reason because these conferences exist is that they have turn party shows of their own. Millions of people will watch a live streams, speak about them, share a news with their friends. And of course, thousands of reporters will attend them.

Newspapers will put one story  at the top of the page and a other at the bottom. Tech sites will be uploading Apple hands-on videos during a Sony conference. Newsletters will discuss one product before a other.

More importantly, what will you talk about the next day? What are you going to see in your Facebook newsfeed on September 8? The winner won’t just be the company that’s going to unveil the most surprising product. The iPhone is more popular than the PlayStation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple is going to win this fight. Sony and Apple will try to tell the most compelling story.

Sony will not let Apple get so easily, they will surely have a plan for it which may include 4k games, VR launch,etc.

All of this might sound like game of Basketball or Soccer, but one of these two companies is going to regret the timing of their press conference the next morning. This scheduling decision could end up costing Apple or Sony millions of dollars.

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