Google’s New Duo and Allo Messaging Apps

Google announced at their biggest developer conference, Google I/O, they will be releasing new messaging and chatting applications this summer.


The first application we will be talking about is called Allo. It is a simple text messaging application which is tied to your phone number instead of your google account, which gives it an upper hand because anybody with an iPhone or an android phone can sign up and start using this for sending text messages, without having to do with the rest of the google accounts if they don’t want to. Its mobile only application, it will work only on the device on which you have set it up. As far as the messenger is concerned, it is fast, easy to use, lets you send emoji’s and stickers, enhance or reduce the size of the text just by sliding your fingers up and down, this feature is called “WhisperShout”.

Google is also going to introduce an artificial intelligence into the text messaging app. Inside of Allo, instead of talking to your friends, you can ask questions and have a conversation with it. Though, it may not seem fancy enough because many AIs are capable of doing it, but what this app does is, it allows you to integrate this AI while talking to your contacts. For example, if someone messages you a picture graduation, then it automatically recognizes this picture as a graduation pic and gives you suggestive replies, like “Congratulations”. This does not mean Google will store your information on their servers, they are just analyzing them. This AI can also help you and your contact to find a restaurant, make reservations under your name, etc.

The other application is called Duo and it is the most basic and fastest video chat application in the market. It is also based on your phone number instead of google account, allowing cross-platform usage. To call other people, just open the application and scroll down to the face you want to call and that’s about it. While calling, the person on the receiving end can see live video of the person calling and you can start talking immediately, this feature is called “Knock-Knock” which makes it unique from other video messaging apps.

Final verdict, hangout which was Google’s messaging app was a big failure with no fan following as compared to Whatsapp, Facebook Messanger, Skype, etc. Even with new AI integrated messenger and smooth video chat app, it will be hard for Google to capture a large market share and compete with the already established applications.

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