iPhone 7 Survives Helicopter Drop Test and Underwater Test

The new iPhone series has proven to be the hulk among barbies. The all new Apple iPhone 7 is more durable than any of its predecessors and its competitors like Samsung Galaxy S7. The new iPhone 7 can survive a drop test from a helicopter and an under water test as well.

YouTubers EverythingApplePro and Callux are testing iPhone’s to their limits.

In the first video, we will see YouTuber Callux casually throwing his Apple iPhone 7 from a helicopter. What happens next is unbelievable. The iPhone remained in tact and fully functional, just the glass shattered upon impact.  It even continued recording video, making for some cool (and dizzying) footage from the fall. Even though it fall on grassy field, which makes the drop a bit softer does not mean it landed on a completed soft pillow. Apple’s flagship smartphone is as flight-proof as it gets.


In the second video uploaded by EverythingApplePro, iPhone 7 has been compared with Samsung S7 to test which device last longer under water.

Samsung’s IP68 resistance is supposed to be a step ahead of Apple’s iP67. However, it is worth noting that neither IP68 ( Samsung Galaxy S7) , nor IP67 (Apple iPhone 7), are certifications for phones being dunked under 35 feet of water (in a river) for 5 minutes. After being dunked under 35-meters of water, the iPhone 7 still works, but with visible water damage on the screen. The Galaxy S7, however, lost all power.

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