Leak Confirms Apple’s iPhone 7 release date

A tech reporter at VentureBeast, has confirmed on Twitter that pre-orders for the iPhone7 will begin on September 9, with subsequent release date of September 16. Official announcement fir iPhone7 is expected to be around these days only.

Apple has confirmed that iOS 10 will power the 2016 devices. It is also rumored that Samsung has been kicked out from participation in the supply chain as the A10 processing chips will exclusively come from TSMC.

According to some Chinese websites, iPhone 7 will carry up to 3100mAh, but a direct impact of such bigger batteries is on their thickness which is now estimated to be around 7.3mm, .02 mm thicker than the current version of iphone.

A Japanese magazine called Mac Fan has published supposed design schematics for the iPhone 7 Plus – which it’s calling ‘iPad Pro’. These suggest that the overall design and dimensions of the next big-screen iPhone will be similar to those of the 6s Plus, except that there won’t be a headphone port and the rear camera will go dual-lens.

ETNews has suggested that Apple might utilise fan-out technology in order for it to pack more internals within a small space. Fan-out technology involves using a single chip to power multiple different digital modules. This could allow for greater space allocation within the iPhone’s case, however might also compromise on the quality and interference of parts – such as the audio signal and processing.

Apple is busily working on the iPhone 7 Plus behind the scenes, and is testing a total of five different models of the device, and each is distinctly different from one another. The prototypes are enabling Apple to trial technology such as the USB-C port, wireless charging, multi-touch Force Touch, dual cameras, in-display fingerprint recognition and more.

An additional report that emerged in February supports the idea that the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera will sit flush on the back and that there will be no more antenna bars. It comes  from Business Korea, which actually claims that it will be made with a ceramic back rather than the current aluminium.

Ming-chi Kuo expressed that iphone 7 will sport dual camera, which is worth looking for. Also, apple is said to rally with Samsung and may add wireless charging and water/dust resistance.

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