Pokémon GO: New update brings “Nearby” and “Sightings”

After the “Three-Step” function was discarded because of its confusing nature, Niantic has offered The Pokémon Go community a breather by adding two new and useful features – Nearby and Sightings. Niantic did not take any time finding a useful alternative to their earlier “Three-Step” function. Although these new features may be tested on a small group of players, but it will not take time to introduce them to everyone with some updates.

Let’s talk about these new features in detail.

  • Sightings: It still doesn’t allow for easy tracking of the nearby Pokémon, but it does help the plyers to shorten their searching range. This new system shrinks the range to only the immediate area, and it removes all duplicates. It still doesn’t solve the problem of you circling a block just to find that Pidgeot.

But it sure as hell reduces that area. At least it’s something, and it shows Niantic is working on a compromise, whatever it ultimately might be. Maybe we’ll see new improvements in the future.

  • Nearby: This feature is pretty cool. It allows players to take a hint with the PokéStop that a Pokémon is hiding somewhere near. After taking a look at the Pokémon nearby, you can select that Pokémon and zoom to their location on the map, making is very easy to locate a specific spot and fight that Pokémon.Apart from these cool features, the new update fixes majority of bugs. The XP bonus now grants the correct amount once again. Apple players now have a reason to be happy, Niantic has fully repaired battery saver mode for iOS. “Nice,” Great,” and “Excellent,” tosses grant the catch bonuses, and the curve ball accuracy has been improved.It’s coming along, but Pokémon GO still has a long way to go to reach its full potential as a game.Until next time – Gotta Catch ‘Em All
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