Review: Suicide Squad

2 week ago suicide squad was the thing and everybody looked up for it, and also because of the momentum of DC unraveling anti- hero movies and great trailer of wonder women and justice league that came out in this year’s comic con . Well that worm has turned, the buzz has gone from great to abominable for suicide squad and likely we are here to cut through that.

Much of what you hear and read through the internet is about being the loudest guy in the room. Not precise, not gentle, but brutal. Here is the honest truth, suicide squad is average- it’s not great, but also it’s not the worst thing that we should be crying about. What is at its best is that it is playful wicket romp that allows performers like Margret Robbie, Will Smith and Viola Davis to step of out their comfort-zone less than sweetheart characters. As some on the contents may be inappropriate for children under age 13 (thanks to PG-13 status),it doesn’t have ability to go deep or shady, or let you think so hard, but this bad ass line up of villains really squeeze some juice with their various quarks and abilities. Harley Quinn performed really well, with his active dialogue delivery and always ready to switch allegiance when the joker is involved. People enjoyed watching Robbie, making the character irresistible despite being repulsive and irritating. Wills Smith’s Deadshot played really well in his nutty cog in the insanity machine. Its great reminder to us why we love this actor in the first place. Viola Davis is despicable, oily, nice counter weight to jai Courtney.

Other heroes are just playing a single dimensional role, but each have a gag or a moment to allow introduction of their identity, especially crazy-beautiful Jay Hernandez, his flame thrower, gang-banger is awesome until he started throwing flame for no reason, classic brain dead flame throwers you will find in any RPG games. Jared Lato’s joker was banal and though is not as iconic as he was expected to be, it’s not awful… it is just a joker. Though he claims that man of his scenes were deleted, this doesn’t make him any good joker. David Ayer seemed like the right director for this job. His is all about character in this film and with the guy who directed fury seemed like sky could be the limit. Sadly, the acting skills and direction were the limit in this case. Is it enough? It’s almost enough.

Suicide squad looks like a movie that a 14 year old virgin would have clunked to it with great pride. More jaded and veteran film critiques will realize the flaws that’s too much a hurdle. The villain is weak and certain characters have nothing to do and how many gun fights do you really need in a movie like this?

The main flaw in this recipe is that characters are either really low renting their abilities or they are just not that interesting. Jai Courtney’s captain boomerang is the most valuable tool they had. Adam beach’s slipknot is a really good climber. That’s something Spiderman and batman won’t even think to put in resume. As a result there are tons of gun fight, which could have been avoided and no one actually would want to watch so many gun fights, as a matter of fact. The reality is that, this an expensive movie that isn’t going to move a needle nor it is going to bankrupt a major conglomerate. It really has some fun stuff and aside from the absolutely annoying enchantress from really inventive uses of effects and lights. You should see it, but you should see it while ignoring the worst film ever and best film ever.

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