Virtual Reality Refined! Now adjustable lenses with Google Cardboard

Nunulo VR is your ordinary Cardboard with a treat for you. It comes with adjustable lenses which enables the viewer to get the clearest possible image. James Kim, the creator of Nunlo VR said he enjoyed the VR devices which they came with problems, like nausea, dizziness.

The Nunlo VR lenses counters and significantly reduces the negative side effects that come with traditional VR devices. So, next time you wish to view your desired content through VR goggles, and experience problems, such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, Nunlo VR lenses will solve your problem.

In order to obtain a clear image of an object at extremely close distances, users have to see the object through a convex lens. However, one type of convex lens cannot meet all different optical conditions. Conventional convex lenses, which are used by most head-mount devices, have a balanced and identical thickness all around the lens. Yet, their lens, called the “imbalanced convex lens”, has a carefully calculated and distributed thickness. Therefore, it has the ability to be precisely adjusted to every individual’s distinct visual circumstance.

Their lens technology has incorporated three methods of enhancing the clarity of the VR content for users.

  • Imbalanced Convex Lens:The lens is designed with a carefully calculated distribution all around the lens, so that when users rotate the lens frame, they are able to find which part of the lens is the best fit for their eyesight.
  • Focal Length Adjustments:When users turn the lens frame, they are able to move the lens back and forth to find the exact focal point that matches their vision.
  • Interpupillary Distance Adjustments:By shifting the lens left and right, users can adjust the distance between their eyes in order to eliminate any instances of double vision.


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