Watch Dogs 2 and its awesome features

After the overwhelming response of watch dogs, Ubisoft decided to launch its sequel for its huge fan base. Beauty of the game is its premise and open world genre, where player can relax and have fun after completing missions just like GTA.

Ubisoft released it with a new hero, whole new level of hacking, improved performance and graphics and with much better free roaming than watch dogs.

                                         YOU CAN HAVE PETS

Ubisoft cares about this world. They’re aiming to make it feel more lived in than what we got in Watch Dogs, and that means adding dumb little nuanced features like petting dogs. Ubisoft is trying to develop a complete city here. It’ll have its short comings, no doubt about it, but San Francisco already feels more lived in than Ubisoft’s take on Chicago.

            Social network-based challenges flesh out the world

There’s an Instagram-like app called ScoutX, that will reward Marcus with followers, the sort of experience points in Watch Dogs 2, for taking pictures of specific locales in the city. You’ll fire up the app, select a landmark painting or feature, cruise out to it, take a selfie in front of it and reap the rewards.

These special activities add content to the game without standing as shimmering chests in Assassin’s Creed Unity. They point to a culture change at Ubisoft, one that seems to highlight the company’s new-found directive to make their game worlds feel more real and less connected to companion apps.

I appreciate these kind of detailing in the game, which makes game more alive than ever.

                              Crazy Taxi-esque mini-missions

During my gameplay, I found in-game app called Driver San Francisco. Only a true gamer can find its name nostalgic. Driver: San Francisco was a game developed by Ubisoft Reflections, and this app’s name is an obvious nod to that game.

watch dogs

How to Play it?

Simply the open the in-game app, select a customer, pick them up and then complete objectives. The customer I grabbed during my preview had me drive around the immediate area with an objective of achieving the most air time possible. I managed five stars on the mission and was rewarded with followers.

This mix between Uber and Crazy Taxi was neat, and, again, it was a feature I was surprised to see.

Watch Dogs 2 will come on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms on November 15, 2016. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.


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